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Bestway® Hotel laundry machines for five-star clean rating

Online reviews can make or break your business in the hospitality industry. Cleanliness is non-negotiable for a high-rated guest experience. UniMac’s hotel washers and dryers deliver the ultimate clean to make guests feel comfortable while helping you reduce expenses.

Designed with unmatched efficiency in mind

UniMac hotel washers and dryers are the reliable solution to lower labor and utility costs for the lowest total cost of ownership. Faster cycle times and drying times add up to big savings year after year. Reduce water usage by up to 30 percent, shorten drying times with extraction speeds up to 400 G-force* and save nearly three minutes on every rinse step with a streamlined spray rinse.

*G-Force speed dependent on model

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All under control-even in the busy season

The more efficiently laundry is managed with hotel dryers and washers, the faster you get guests in and out while maintaining the highest standard for cleanliness. UniLinc™ Touch technology gives you the tools you need to stay in control through your busiest seasons. View performance reports, receive error notifications and start wash loads before employees arrive to increase productivity. Also make labor more efficient with easy programming and multiple languages for your diverse staff.

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Get unmatched financing solutions for hotel washing machines

No one does financing for hotel laundry machines like UniMac. Our experienced team of financial and industry experts offer one-on-one, personalized service. We take the time to understand your individual goals, tailor customized programs and deliver remarkably quick decisions to address the time-sensitive demands of the industry.

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