Cissell 120 & 170 lb Dryer / Tumblers

An Exceptional Choice

  • Stainless steel door & extra-wide hinges stands up to rough demands of busy on-premises laundry environment
  • Self-cleaning lint screen and large lint compartment mean employees spend less time cleaning
  • Cissell's 3 year warranty provides more peace of mind

Cissell CT120 Tumbler

Cissell’s drying tumblers are recognized worldwide for producing superior results and maximum productivity. When you put Cissell in your on-premises laundry, you gain products that will stand up to your toughest demands. Cissell’s 120 and 170 lb tumblers are the perfect drying options for medium- and large-size laundry rooms. These large-capacity drying tumblers offer an excellent blend of speed and efficiency to keep your on-premises laundry running at its highest level of productivity. Exceptional Choices — it’s what makes Cissell the best overall value for your laundry.

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Cissell Dual Digital Dryer Timer

Cissell OPL Dryer Micro Controller

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