ArtiClean EconOzone

Measurable Benefits

  • Reduced Energy Cost
  • Reduced Drying Time
  • Increases Linen Life
  • Reduced Water / Sewer Costs
  • Reduced Wash Cycle Time (labor)
  • Reduced Chemical / Detergent Cost

EconoZone installed above UniMac Washer-Extractor

Your Source for a Cleaner & Greener Laundry

ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems allow facilities to effectively wash in cold-ozonated water, reducing the hot water consumption by as much as 95 %.

ArtiClean features "Plasmatics" Ozone Generators. It is the first ozone generator specifically designed to be used in laundries. There are two distinct styles of ozone laundry systems - the AW Series and the AT Series. Our AW or Wall-mounted systems is designed for small to medium sized laundries, while our AT series are designed for the larger industrial laundries.

Check us out, you will find that we only build Ozone Laundry Systems one way, ... The Correct Way - Safe, Efficient, and Reliable. With Articlean, Savings Never Smelled So Good!

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